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#26th May 2018#

NASC - Code of Conduct

Adherence to the following Code of Conduct is a condition of membership of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation


1. Members of the NASC shall at all times so order their conduct as to uphold the integrity and trading standards of the access and scaffolding industry and pay particular regard to the maintenance and observance of this code.

2. Service to clients shall be rendered with absolute fidelity on a fair and equitable basis with due regard to the best standards of workmanship, integrity and courtesy. The utmost care and good faith shall be observed in the preparation of statements and estimates, having regard to the necessity for accuracy and reliability of such documents in providing a basis for transactions to be carried out with the full confidence and mutual trust of the parties concerned.

3. In the interest of the parties, all contracts and agreements, together with any alterations thereto shall, whenever possible, be in writing.


1. Members shall be loyal to the interests of the NASC and shall play an active part in the work of the NASC, attend and participate at meetings. A minimum requirement is attendance at one NASC regional meeting per annum. They shall be prepared to accept nomination to office and generally further the interests of the NASC and its members.

2. A Member shall not divulge or disclose confidential information from NASC sources to non-members.

3. Should a Member at any time be asked by resolution of Council to explain his conduct in any matter to which the Code relates he shall submit all pertinent facts to the Officers or Committee nominated for that purpose.

4. No Member shall consciously endeavour to attract or offer employment to an employee of a fellow Member without first having advised the fellow Member; but membership of the NASC in no way prohibits negotiation between any member and a person who on his own initiative, or in response to public advertisement, replies to that Member for employment.

5. Members shall operate terms and conditions of employment in accordance with agreements reached from time to time by the Construction Industry Joint Council or its successors and shall abide by such statutory wage controls as may apply in respect of all employees, and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure wherever possible and practicable that their labour force is operated on a 'directly employed' basis.

6. A Member shall guard against association with or the use of his name by any person or organisation which it might reasonably be anticipated would bring the NASC into disrepute.

7. Members shall refrain from publicly expressing critical comment on the services, conduct or charges of a fellow Member.

8. Members shall accept the duty of referring to the Managing Director of the NASC any breach of this Code which may appear likely to bring discredit on the NASC or its members.

9. Members shall pledge themselves to assist each other in all matters of common concern and to provide the Managing Director of the NASC with such statistics and other information as may from time to time be requested.

10. Training in the range of skills required by the trade shall be accepted as a collective responsibility and Members shall play their part in upholding and improving standards by participation especially in training schemes sponsored or recommended by the Council of the NASC.

11. Members shall use their best endeavors to identify other members' items of capital equipment and scaffolding stocks which may come into their possession. If any such items are identifiable by colour, names or distinguishing marks as shown in the NASC Scaffolding Marking Directory, then members shall notify the Member to whom they belong. Members shall undertake to return such items to other members who can prove ownership.

12. Dealings in secondhand scaffolding equipment by members shall be closely checked and a member shall not purchase or offer for sale or hire any item properly identified as belonging to another member without that member's prior written permission. Any such permission must be confirmed in writing with the owner, partner, or director of the member company whose equipment is being offered for purchase, sale or hire.

13. Safety is of paramount importance and members shall maintain, operate and review as necessary, a safety policy which takes account of current health and safety regulations, standards, codes of practice and guidance issued from time to time by the NASC.