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#26th May 2018#

NASC - Membership Criteria

NASC membership is open to all bona fide access and scaffolding companies in the UK.

Full membership is open to all companies where access and scaffolding constitutes a significant element of their business.

Non Contracting full membership of the NASC is restricted to companies which are wholly engaged in the hire, sale, and manufacturing of access and scaffolding and associated products. It excludes companies who also carry out erection and dismantling work.

In order to become a member an applicant has to meet the following criteria:

a) Trading: The applicant has to have been trading for 2 years and needs to be able to produce evidence of audited trading accounts as prepared by the company accountants/auditors for the period.

b) VAT: The applicant must be VAT registered.

c) Insurance: The applicant must hold adequate levels of insurance appropriate to the activities of the business.

d) Employment: The applicant must be able to show that all management and supervision are directly employed. A minimum of 90% of hourly paid operatives must be directly employed as a condition of membership.

e) Training: The NASC is committed to the full registration of site employees under the CISRS/CSCS schemes. Applicants must be able to produce records of training and a plan for the continuation of training. A minimum of 75% carded scaffolding operatives is required as a condition of membership.

Please note that within your 90% of carded operatives there must be a healthy ratio of fully trained operatives to trainee operatives (a typical healthy ratio would be 1:1).

f) CITB (Construction Industry Training Board): The applicant must be CITB registered.

g) Health and Safety: The applicant must: The applicant must:

  • Provide a satisfactory signed Health and Safety policy statement.
  • Provide evidence that it meets current health and safety legislation.
  • Agree to complete the NASC annual accident return.

h) Audit: The applicant must complete the NASC biennial membership audit.

i) Security: The applicant must ensure that all scaffolding plant and equipment which it owns or uses is clearly identifiable. NASC members are expected to be actively involved in crime prevention and should report all thefts of scaffolding plant and equipment to the NASC and the police.

j) Meeting Attendance: The applicant must be represented at a minimum of two NASC regional meetings per year. The applicant must be prepared to nominate a representative to participate in NASC standing committees, e.g. training, health and safety, technical, contractual, and security.

k) Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC): Members shall operate terms and conditions of employment in accordance with agreements reached from time to time by the construction Industry Joint Council or its successors, and shall abide by such statutory wage controls as may apply in respect of all employees, and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure wherever possible and practicable that their labour force is operated on a 'directly employed' basis.

l) Code of Conduct: Applicants must be prepared to abide by the NASC Code of Conduct and the NASC Bye Laws and Rules.