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#26th May 2018#


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The Pumphouse, Hammersmith

Built with the High Specification Layher Engineered Modular Scaffolding System

The access was chosen for its strength and light weight design. A Grade 2 listed building, built in 1902, to provide the Victorians with the luxury of fresh water services for the every increasing Capital.

One of London 's leading house builders has decided to turn the Pumphouse into 21 st Century living.

The Pumphouse provides its own unique construction problems as the original building will incorporate two additional floors as well as a new wing, the top floor being Penthouses with panoramic views over the River Thames.

The Developer wishes and needs to retain the original facade and many of the unique features of the old Metropolitan Water Board Building.

The access, constructed in the Layher Modular System, was chosen for its strength and light weight design as there are vast voids under the perimeter of the building where the great water pipes used to deliver the water from the pumping station to the Capital.

Situated in a unique position on the side of the River Thames and filled with Victorian architecture the Pumphouse is a treasure trove of unique vintage artefacts which have been carefully restored, a selection of which will be used in the communal areas of this development.